Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last year of My Degree Life

Wow!! It's been a long time since last update. LOL well, here's my short update of my life. Keep reading =3

Finally it's my last year of my degree life. Can't believe I managed to go through all these. I am always underestimate my ability on everything. It's a bad habit I know =/  Shouldn't allow myself to repeat this mistake HOPEFULLY.

Oh ya, this is my 21st year living in the world. So grateful =) Appreciate everything and everyone going through my life, no matter good or bad. Hmmm.. by the way next month will be my month. I am a June baby! Yeah~ haha.. Haven't start thinking of how shall I celebrate my birthday. Actually it doesn't matter. As long as my family, friends, not forgetting my hubbie boy are happy. ^^

P/s: I am really sorry for not spending enough time talking to each other (not even in whatsapp) as I was too focusing on my studies. I felt real bad for that ='(  However, we have settled the problem today! *sort of LOL* Glad to have you, being so considerate ♥

Wish of the year: AT LEAST getting a second upper class CGPA!!!
~On the progress of working hard for my last year! Thesis paper please be good to me k? I love you =P
*Crossed fingers*