Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update just for the sake of it D=

Woah, just realized i didn't update since last month lol.  Sorry about that cause i am currently still busying with my assignments. argh~  I guess cause long time didn't practice writing essay, my brain STUCK while thinking for points! =(  Actually i am doing my assignment half way then suddenly can't think of any better points so i decided to come here and write a short update for my dusty blog hehee..  No choice, i totally have no inspiration RIGHT NOW. Damn it!! Forcing myself to have it done by Saturday or else i have no time to finish it D:  Anyway, going to visit my uncle's new house in Kepong. His new house is much more bigger than the previous one and the decor is more fashion i can say. Jealous my two younger cousins~ But happy for them too ^^ k la, going to continue with my assignment.  Now the time here is 2am, so good night people! Going to sleep soon~   i miss you very much ah >///<