Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anthony Neely aka 倪安东 ♥

Hello, me again! =) Recently i'm so-called crazy addicted to an American-Chinese singer! Guess who? Anthony Neely~ But i prefer calling him 倪安东~^^  Sorry for my "fat hao-ness" Haha =P  He's damn good-looking and i super his voice!! Just last Sunday after i watched One Million Star aka 超级星光大道, he was performing with a female singer 陈珂冰 a sing called "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, he attracts my attention AGAIN! like the second or third time already? LOL This song is quite relevant to me, i think? =)  From that day, i started saving all the pictures of him, watch his music video in youtube like for almost 10 times per day! Btw he has the first album "Lesson One" since last year and now only i realize that. Yeah, i know i am SO outdated =/  But that's not the point! The point i wanted to say is: HIS SONGS ARE AWESOME AND MAKE ME FEEL LIKE BUYING HIS ALBUM WITHOUT REGRETTING!!!  My most favorite song is The Last Embrace, in Chinese 散场的拥抱.. For those who never listen to it before, i think you all should listen to the song at least one time! Believe me, it's super nice! I like the way his sing and his voice AGAIN hahaha xD The video below is what i have mentioned just now! Enjoy guys  x)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Arghhh... Sistas having outing from tomorrow till Wednesday or Thursday, but i couldn't join them not even one day! Damn sad :( Haiz.. Gonna miss those outings with them.. I can say that the feeling is very bad. Not choice, i can't do anything, still have classes to attend. Nvm then, sure still have many chances to meet btw! =) Friday is my Marketing quiz, hope i can get D for the quiz! Need someone who is pro in Marketing teach me please..

P/s: Where are you? No online again? I miss you a lot eh ='(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello Kitty x Maybelline Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara!!!

A big big super big THANK YOU to my dear sista Yinsan who gave me my earliest birthday present! Hahahaha.. So nice of her This present isn't ordinary for me. Why? It's LIMITED EDITION!! And it only available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Oh my~ Damn Happy and i'm gonna use it during cny yeay =D

Just in case all of you don't know the power of the Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara, right now I am going to tell ya!!

1. 5 x more volume, 75degrees curl (even without eyelash curler)
2. 18 hours curl
3. feline lash comb technology
4. instant va-va-voom volume
5. a trend setter

I can't wait to try it! hohoho~

Friday, January 21, 2011


Many people said i become fatter. But how come i didn't realize one?!!! My dai gor, babe and leng yang all said the same thing!! Sigh =/ After they told me, suddenly think that no wonder my recent photos look not nice. Because of my FAT face! Feel like dying ( just joking, i LOVE myself kay ), what i meant is really don't feel good. Need to massage my face everyday already, will this work? Tell me guys! hahahaha...

Check out my FAT face!!! Too chubby for me :O

Thursday, January 20, 2011

See what i bought yesterday!

Went to MidValley yesterday. Thought I wouldn't buy anything. Coz used quite a lot money recently, but guess what i have bought?!! dang dang dang dang~

Hello Kitty stuff!!

Actually it's a small mirror~ Cute right cute right? =P
For Hello Kitty's lovers, you can get it from Mid-Valley LG one of the small stalls at the center.
You can find it no worry. If I'm not mistaken it is at the area near The Garden =)

 Second thing that i have bought! 
Hello Kitty's wood-bead~ It cost me RM10.90!
Quite expensive, but....
i just can't control myself to not buying it. Oh my~
*Sorry that my pictures' quality isn't that good, wish i have a better camera :(

They look like one set right??
But i bought them from different places xD

And lastly, this is the present that my babe bought for me from Taiwan.
It's something like small coins bag and I love it! Thanks babe~

One last thing, my Nuffnang's money is not increasing!! 
Why why why why whyyyyyyyyy T_T
My dear friends please help me click click the advertisement can? >_<
It only takes you less than 5 seconds~
Thank you! muackx muackx haha =D
Good night!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yeah!! My babe is coming back~  Miss her so much   She's coming back for a month. Sounds quite long, but for me is totally NOT ENOUGH AT ALL. So, just appreciate on what we have la! 天下没有不散的筵席嘛~  Waiting for our girls' talk! =P Perhaps find one day we all gather in one's house to stay overnight?? =) Oh my god, can't wait for tomorrow! =D

Monday, January 17, 2011

I need *keching keching* =P

I don't have MONEY!!!
No money = Not calm = No shopping T_T
Angpau please~ Anyone? =P

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another tiring day

I was planned to clean my study room, but woke up at 10am+
I'm such a pig!! D:
So end up with doing nothing but went out with family.
My sister has a YYO performance at PJ i think.
I am suck in memorizing the roads. Forgive me LOL
In case you all don't know what is YYO, it stands for Yamaha Youth Orchestra =)
Proud of her

We reached early for her rehearsal.
I can say the people there are genius. Really! Each of them know at least 2 instruments
like piano, violin, guitar, cello, flute, clarinet, drum bla bla bla..
Awesome right? :/
I miss learning my flute when i was in primary school.
Wanted to buy one after i graduated but it's too expensive. Going to get one in the future if i am still interested LALALALA
my brother and i keep spotting leng luis in the concert LOL
I am STRAIGHT kay~ Just like to see pretty girls rather than guys, don't know why hahaha
I forced my brother to take photo of me =.="

The concert end at 7pm. Then had our dinner at Taman Desa the most famous fish noodles!
I tried it a few days ago during secondary school time. The taste still very GOOD =D
After that, all of us wanted to watch movie, coz it's kinda hard for us to watch movie together.
My mum and sister want to watch 天天好天 so badly but the hall was full T_T
so we chose Season of the Witch. Not bad too :)

like her very much, she's so pretty!

After movie, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, dad brought us to Dessert Brother for supper!!
and yeah i know, very fattening >_<

This is mine! Sago with Watermelon =P

Next time i will try their Pudding!
I love PUDDING super super much hehe
Looks yummy right??

Stop here tonight! Ciaoz people ^^

Friday, January 07, 2011

Yeahooo =P

My laptop is alive!!!! :D

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Last semester!

Time goes really fast..
Now I'm in my third semester already. YEAHHHH!
I did not so well in previous sem, feel kinda disappointed =(
But nvm, I will promise myself to get better result in this sem!!!
And I think this semester is the best among all.
Why? Because I can study Psychology for Personal Development! Finally~
yeahooo :D
and marketing is quite interesting too,
statistics...erm... so far it's easy for me.. i mean SO FAR la =P
Hope i can get at least two D's for psycho and statistics.. yea, i can =)

Hmm, recently a lots of Korean students came to my college..
Most of them are very pretty and handsome~
Sometimes i see them until @.@, is like woahh... LOL
I wish to make a lot of friends especially Korean or Japanese!
I LOVE their languages, just don't know why hahaha..
but this doesn't mean that I don't love Malaysia~ 1Malaysia! =D

Sigh, my laptop is working since a few days ago..
My bro said maybe is the internal battery's problem.
now I'm using bro's laptop.. i don't like using others :S
tml there will be someone who help me to fix my pinkky...
faster get well soon please... i need you very much >_<

P/s: 6 more months to go~