Friday, May 27, 2011

Determined to persist

            Went for jogging with dad this evening, this is a rare opportunity to jog with him. Normally after his work he was very tiring and what he wished was just sit down and rest. Today was different! He asked me to jog together. Quite happy at the moment haha. I like jogging very much actually, but all of the time my laziness keep convincing me not to do so LOL =D  Neh, i am giving excuses hoho~ Had some conversation with dad while jogging.

            Tomorrow we are going to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate my sister's birthday! Her birthday was over actually, during her school mid-year exam, poor thing. Everyone said 16 years old birthday should be SWEET, but hers is STRESS 16~hahaha!!! We wanted to celebrate on the exact day but she don't want, so we planned to go out tomorrow =)  Suddenly, my dad asked me what i want for my birthday present since my birthday is in the next month. WHAT? birthday present??  Isn't it too early to ask this question? haha I was surprised when he asked me, cause since i was form 3 my parents never give me birthday present. Hmmm... So far I don't NEED anything right now, but i WANT many things!! Sounds greedy i know =/

A semi-pro camera? I like to take pictures of people and all the things around me!!!

An iPod Classic? I love listening to music, it is super-duper useful especially during waiting time!

iPhone 4? Neh, my current phone still working fine. Argh, forget it!! 

Anything else?? Still thinking... What do you guys think? Anything that you think I should need or have? Haiya, still early... man man lei la~ lol  Ohya, my dad and I had make a promise that we'll go for jogging on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! ^^ SO, I gonna get SLIMMER soonnnnn!!! wohoooooo~~ =P Going to bed now. Good night =)

Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mama's day!

最后决定做书签!然后到 Mid Valley 买材料~
看看他们的作品吧~ =3