Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review on Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Care Product

Hello there! I was just came back from my hometown which is at Johor! Celebrating my Hari Raya at there. It's kinda fun meeting my cousins even though we didn't do much things there.
We watched an old movie which called "White Chicks". We think it is one of the most classic movies among all!! Really laugh our ass off~ HAHAHAAA... For those who never watch or heard of this movie before, I would say, it is an awesome movie. Take an hour + of your life to watch this, it's really funny and it will definitely make your day! Seriouslyyy =D You will never regret watching this movie. Hehehee...

These are some dialogues in the movie LOL

One of the best scenes AHAHAHA

Oh oh!! Back to the topic. So ya, I some hair product in Etude House two months ago. It's the Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist and Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence! I was so impressed by the result of the product!!! Really it so so much! Especially the Repair Hair Essence. It's far more better than other brand like Liese. I used Liese Hair Cocktail previously, it has improved my hair too BUT I would say Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence works better on my DRY and FRIZZY hair due to couple of times of hair colouring. =( The price of products it's around RM30+ if I'm not mistaken! I like the smell of it. I don't really know how to describe it, it's like kinda light floral smell. And the cute packaging with polka dots on it! When the first time I saw these, it gives me a "take me home or else you'll regret" feeling. LOL I think most of the girls will understand what I am talking about. HA!

This is the before and after for you all to see! I felt so amazed and satisfied on the result. Check it out yo ^^ 

Awesome right?? Rightttt??? =D So, what do you guys think about the hair products? Or do you have any other better recommendation? I will always glad to hear your comments no matter good or bad. Learning to be real open-minded and willing to take critics and compliments at anytime :) Ciaoz

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finallyyyyy... My first post in 2012 LOL

My gosh! Couldn't believe that I had abandoned my blog for more than 1 year.  Thanks to my boring semester break that eventually brings me back to my sort of second home, my blog! Hehee... When I came back, the layout of blogspot has changed so much!!  Sigh, gonna get use to the new things and I felt like I'm a newbie for it. Actually I don't really like that lol 
First of all, I wanna say hi to all of you who still remember me or who might already forget about me! T_T


From now on, I will be sharing lots of things here. My life experiences, family and friends and myself! 
Next post I will share some hair products that I'm using right now. It is very useful for girls who have
 frizzy & dry hair!!

Hmm... Alright! I guess it's time to "renovate" my blog with new background and banner!  So far I have changed the background. How is it?? What do you think? Nicer? I'm still finding more cute and pretty backgrounds because the current background is not really satisfying for me. Finding a nice background isn't very easy. I wish I know those HTML thingy so I could change the template of my blog and make it unique! The one and only meiying's style :D Hahahaa

Now I'm working on my banner with my bro's help.  
I believe that it will be very perfect with my "trademark" on it :P
*Stay tuned~ Ngek ngek ngek~