Friday, July 30, 2010

*ehem : x

Just had a hair cut.
Not so satisfy, i think the auntie cut too much for me =/

Before :

After :

"My hair, faster grow please :( "

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weeeeeeeee :3

I can fly now, just for 1 month LOL
Today I had finish my Finals for 1st Sem :D
Hopefully i can pass all the subjects ~
Omitofo Jesus Allah !!!
Please bless me to pass all of them hehe :)

Went out with my college gang !!
Straight away after exam.
We went to Mid Valley and watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Nice movie wei
but I want to watch Despicable Me, I think that movie is more cute and funny~
Who wanna watch with me? =/

Before movie, we had our lunch at The Gardens Italiannies.
The food there is quite expensive, but luckily we have 15 of us can share LOL!
After lunch, we gave our belated birthday girl and birthday boy a surprise~ XD

Although is so tiring.
Yet we enjoyed very much !!
Waiting for Melaka Trip with you all ! :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry guys

I know my blog is full of dust
i didn't update my blog since May! LOL
so 'proud' of myself XD *alah, just joking
It's time to 'clean up' my blog = update it :D

Times fly wei, so fast i almost finish my first semester.
but i heard my January intake friends said that second semester is more difficult than now. =X
So? i don't care too much about it, but my FINALS !!!!
This Saturday is my first day of finals.
Meiying, r u ready for it?
Definitely NO!!!!

Before that, i would like to apologize to my group members for Maths assignment.
Hope i'm forgiven. I know u're good guys !! :) hehe
Tomorrow i am going back to my secondary school for singing performance.
damn nervous, i seldom practise after last year singing competition.
Wish me good luck n no out of tune :(
*Miss my secondary friends a lots ♥ See u all tomorrow :P

k la, gonna study now >_<
meiying fighting !!!!! :o